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In 2017 and 2019 respectively, Gemmel “Juelz” Moore and Timothy “Tim” Dean, two gay black men, both died of a meth overdose at the now-infamous Laurel Street apartment of Ed Buck, a once influential Democratic donor, businessman and animal, LGBTQ+, political activist. The deaths sent shockwaves through LA’s LGBTQ+ community and particularly West Hollywood, LA’s gay mecca.


The ensuing media circus cooked up a spicy concoction of sex, drugs, race and politics, but had no appetite for the in-depth human stories of who Gemmel and Tim truly were.


This documentary looks at Gemmel and Tim’s parallel walks of life through the eyes of their extended families: Memories, correspondence, things they did and didn’t share with each other, and the reasons that led them to their tragic fate. The film simultaneously investigates the heinous details of the crimes and offers a cautionary tale that can help these events from happening in the future. Through these intimate recollections of their lost friends, each character exposes their own personal journey in dealing with grief and loss.

"Gemmel & Tim examines the ripped-from-the-headlines stories of how two men died in the West Hollywood home of prominent political donor Ed Buck.”
The Hollywood Reporter